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‘Alternative’ Methods of Choosing Your Bracket

‘Alternative’ Methods of Choosing Your Bracket

‘Alternative’ Methods of Choosing Your Bracket

I’ve mentioned a time or twelve before that college basketball playoff season is one of my favorite times of year. (My alma mater is Michigan State University… if you know anything about college basketball, that should speak for itself).

Despite even Sparty’s basketball pedigree, when it comes to the tournament, any team can win on any given night. This is what I love most about March Madness. It’s also what makes filling out brackets so challenging (and so much fun). Even if you can’t tell a charge from a block (are you a ref?!), you can still win some cash in your office pool. Here’s a few different — and somewhat nonsensical — ways to make your picks:

  1. Mascot Battle: It’s exactly what it sounds like – which mascot would win in a fight? If you pick the Wolfpack to beat the JayHawks, you might not predict winner of the tournament, but it’s an interesting approach to filling out your bracket.
  2. Pet Picks: Use treats or toys to represent the teams and let your furry friends decide.
  3. Foodie Fun: Pick your winners based on which college city has the best food. (This one might also require a teeny bit of research, if only to find out exactly where some of these schools are. I had to Google Gonzaga.) You could end up with a tasty match-up like Cincinnati chili vs Tennessee whiskey. Mmmm
  4. The BandWagon: Where are your favorite bands from? Pick the schools closest to their hometowns to win!

Whatever method you choose, the key is to have fun. After all, no-one has ever picked a perfect bracket. Ever. If you plan to participate in any kind of bracket pool or challenge, hurry up and make those picks before the tip-off of the first game in the round of 64 (which is Thursday at 12:15pm). Good Luck!

If you’re at all curious as to what my bracket looks like, you can check it out here. #SpartyAllTheWay ~Shanell

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