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Upstate’s Alternative Rock

Advertise with X 98.5!

Advertise with X 98.5!

Advertise with X 98.5!

    Put X 95.5 FM to work for your business!

    Our goal is very simple: to connect our listeners with our advertisers in the most powerful and cost-effective way. To achieve that, we offer a wide variety of solutions for businesses big and small.

    What we offer:

    On-air commercials are just the beginning. We have smart digital tools, fun event marketing ideas, active street teams, all types of contests, online and social media tactics, and so much more, to go along with our 15- to 60- second commercials. Plus we employ marketing professionals that know how to craft your message, design your ad, construct a plan and execute it, while keeping you as involved as you wish to be.

    Who we reach:

    X 98.5 is the Upstate’s Alternative station, playing brand-new alternative music that appeals to active adults.

    • X plays more music than any other rock formats in the market
    • X appeals to a high-end A25-44 audience
    • X is cost effective and efficient, reaching a quality audience weekly

    Contact Information
    Name: Kathy Lee Jones
    Title: General Sales Manager
    Phone: (864) 282-1019
    Email: kathylee.jones (at) summitmediacorp.com